Thursday, February 18, 2010

An open invitation to go on a rant page.

A man recently flew a single engine aircraft into an IRS building in Austin Texas, this after burning down his house and writing a scathing diatribe against Big Brother, Big Business, and Big Bailouts.

The concept of venting via virtual voice is a valid way to sort out conflicts, in your own mind and in others around you. Flying airplanes into innocent worker bee hives is not a valid voice.

I invite you, the world, to go on a rant page rather than a rampage. Let's use our minds and words to hash out our issues and leave airplanes to transportation.

There is one singe fear shared by all governments and predatory businesses; that is the people they purport to serve. We the people need to be the people, we the people need to see the people, we the people must act as a people.

Join me on a rant page, feel free to go on a rant. I will not censor the incoming posts. I will allow this page to reflect what you, the world, have to say. I will require, however, accountability. If you say it, you must identify yourself. No anonymous posting will be allowed. I make this exception to counter those who like to spread hate guilt-free.

Shall we try it? Let's go on a rant page together. Let's figure it all out, together. All issues are on the table, leave no stone unturned. Fear not the quantity of your words, nor stress the grammar. Consider however the quality of your ideas, think before you leap onto this page. I hope every initial posting leads to countless comments and continued discussion until, in the end, an understanding is born.

Go on a Rant Page, not a rampage.

Daniel Stine